Summer days

I stumbled upon this beautiful field of sunflowers on my way home from a trip up north, it was just a few minutes away from my home, so naturally I had to shoot there. Usually during spring through fall in North Carolina we have a program that I am very thankful for called the NCDOT wildflower program. This program is an effort to help protect our dwindling pollinator population utilizing the land along the highways to help enrich agriculture.

You can learn more about this amazing program here:  NC Wildflower Program

There's something nostalgic about sunflowers, it makes me think of hot summer days and refreshing breezes. I asked my friend Kalia if she would like to be my muse for the day since I remembered that she wanted to shoot with some sunflowers, but when she visited the farm the flowers had already wilted. We were blessed with a beautiful soft light overcast, which I recommend is best for shooting these type of open field shoots, that way the background is not over exposed. For these photos I used my Canon 5D Mark IV along with the Sigma 85mm f1.4 and the Sigma Art 50mm f1.4. Most of the photos are taken with natural light and a reflector for some added fill, I only used my Profoto B1 on a handful of images. You can check out my complete gear list on my FAQ if you are interested.

I created "Sunflower" which is one of my favorite preset to use and have tested this on a variety of images with examples posted on my shop link here: Sunflower Preset